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I am going on a 16 day trip to Panama. I...

I am going on a 16 day trip to Panama. I am going to have to take several flights that restrict luggage weight to 30 lbs. I do not have to bring a tent or sleeping bag as we will be sleeping on boats and in huts. Is this a good pack for what I need or do you recommend something else?

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If you're not bringing a sleeping bag (bulky) or a tent (heavy), it's highly unlikely that your 30 pounds of gear will ever fill 64+ L of pack. It really depends on how much other gear you have to carry, how many changes of clothes you bring, etc, but I went backpacking in the summer with a 55L pack for a week and it weighed 65 pounds. If you're packing light (sounds like you're forced to), you could most likely get by on a 45-50L pack.