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I am debating using this or the Koflach...

I am debating using this or the Koflach Arctic Exped for Denali. Any thoughts on which is better? Also how does a gaiter attach to this boot?

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Personally, I'd recommend the Spantik's...they are somewhat newer and seem to have better ratings overall. I also just happen to REALLY like La Sportiva as a brand, and thats from personal first hand use.
As far as attaching gaiters...they should attach the same way, you may just want to order them a size bigger.

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I used the Spantiks on Denali last year. 7 out of a group of 8 used them, actually. They are warm enough, although on summit day you'll probably want a pair over overboots. You'd need those for the Koflachs too, so no difference there.
If I'd have to choose again, I'd go with the Spaniks again.

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The Spantiks all the way. The Koflach Arctic Exped are really stiff, heavy, and durable boots. Denali has a huge climbing prominence so you might need to bring a second pair of boots for comfort. The Koflachs will kill your feet for longer climbing.