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I am debating on getting either the Argon...

I am debating on getting either the Argon 70 or the Aether 70. I like the way the Argon is set up much better than the Aether having tried on both at a local retail store. I also like the color scheme better in the Argon. The key factor in not pulling the trigger on the Argon so far has been the fact that it is rougly a full pound heavier than the Aether. Up until this point I have been very carefull of every ounce that I put in my Atmos 65 for long hikes on the AT. After alot of research I have found several websites with varying weights on both packs. The most recent one put the Aether at 5Lbs and the Argon at 5Lbs 8ozs. This seems like an easier pill to swallow if it turns out to be the case. Can anyone confirm or deny these weights? Thanks in advance.

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You should really just go straight to the source for that sort of info-

I'm going to go ahead and use the Large and Medium sizes on the Argons and Aethers for comparison, but generally, the Argons run about 1lb+ or so more than the same size in the Aethers.

Argon L= 6lbs 6oz
Aether L= 5lbs 2oz

Argon M= 6lbs 1oz
Aether M= 4lbs 15oz

These are Osprey's official specs.

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Actually, by the Osprey website, the weights are Argon 70 M = 6/1 vs. Aether 70 M = 4/15, and Argon 70 L = 6/6 vs. Aether 70 L = 5/2.

There is difference, but the benefit is additional comfort in padding and suspension. Both are great choices, but the additional weight of the Argon might be more than you are looking for!

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Thanks Tom. I had a mix and match challenged moment. All better now.