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I am debating on buying the 65L or the...

I am debating on buying the 65L or the 75L. I am expecting to use it on trips varying from 3 days - 3 weeks, as well as use it for travel (air/train). Should I be leaning toward one size or the other?

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It really depends on your physical build/packing style. I have the 65 and I can fit everything I need for a few weeks. My buddy has the 75, and it weighs about the same.

You can pack 65L into the 75, and use the compression straps to keep it tight, but you can't cram 75L into the 65.

If you're comfortable carrying ~50lb I would go with the 75L, but if you're into packing light I think the 65L is more than adequate for your needs.

Unrelated note: The picture on the website makes the 65 look awfully colored, but in reality it's a really cool green/olive color.