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I am currently riding the 1st year model...

I am currently riding the 1st year model of K2 cinches; love them but they are extremely heavy! Debating if I should upgrade to a newer model of the cinches (I heard they have made them much lighter) or switch to the Autos. I have also had an issue with the cinches wearing down the back of my boot. Any info on which binding is lighter or performs better?

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I've been riding Autos (and most recently the Auto Evers) for going on 3 years now. At first I was skeptical because the first series kept breaking. Honestly though, when they worked- they worked awesome! After getting mine back from the recall, I've had no issues at all with them. As far as these compared to the K2 cinches- the cinches are cool too- one of my favorite ridin buds rocks em and swears by em...However, when it comes to malfunctions and the fact that they tear up boots the K2 auto wins hands down. The Auto is lighter by 30%, less parts to break, and a hell of a lot easier to get in and out of in deep powder- bottom line, get em- if youre disappointed you can punch me in the face!