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I am about to buy the feelgood and the...

I am about to buy the feelgood and the escapade bindings...and am so stoked about getting a channel system board!! responsiveness and feel are supposed to be so amazing. anyway i think i just need some clarity on whoich one to get...the v-rocker seems to have a bit more flex than the normal feelgood? an the feelgood EST? I'm just getting a bit confused i think =) and i'm def getting the burton escapade bindings, but again wondering what i'll go for here i understand the EST bindings will only work on Channel boards. But the traditional bindings can be mounted on our Channel boards with the use of our Retro Disc. so where is the difference between the reg escapade and the EST's, just a better feel? Because the regular ones at least i could use on a different board. So many questions, hope someone can help =) thanks!

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Starting with the Feelgood. It is a great board. The flex pattern is almost the same between the camber version as well as the V-rocker version. The V-rocker is softer though. It depends on you, what time of ride do you prefer, the loose feel of reverse camber or the snap and responsiveness of camber. It it totally up to you on this.

Bindings, The EST version is by far superior. EST bindings flex 91% better than traditional bindings, this means better board feel, board flex and more fun. Yes, EST bindings only work on channel boards. If you ride channel then no need to worry. EST bindings are much much more superior than traditional bindings.

Get the EST Escapades for sure, then decide what board you want, the camber or V-rocker Feelgood