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I am a lifeguard and I need a sandal that...

I am a lifeguard and I need a sandal that is durable enough to be stood on and walked on for about 8 hours a day every day. also it cant warp in the sun and it needs to be able to withstand a little bit of chlorine. is this what I am lookin for? THank you very much

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Austin,This will work for all the needs you described. I just told someone else to take a look at the Olukai Kekai this thing is designed to get wet, super comfortable, and very durable. Olukai makes a model similar to the Kekai called the Kia'i which is the official Hawaiian Lifeguard Association sandal. I would go with an Olukai slipper , it will last longer and be more comfortable. Mahalo, Sumo

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I have had these sandals for a year and a half and they are still great. They have withstood daily use for almost a year, combined.