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I am 6ft and 205lbs. Would you suggest...

I am 6ft and 205lbs. Would you suggest the S/M or the M/L?
Does the difference only take into account the volume or the size of the pack as well.
Basically will the S/M be 'shorter' sitting on my back than the M/L?

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M/L... I'm 6ft, 160lbs and have the M/L... I tried on both sizes at the Black Diamond store here in SLC and they told me to get the M/L... FWIW I have a 32" inseam... It fits great!

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Also, the difference in size in the packs will be negligible - about 2 liters so the small might feel smaller on your back, but like Tyler said, the large will be more comfortable and both will ski about the same. Hope this helps!