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I am 6' exactly, should I go with the long...

I am 6' exactly, should I go with the long or would the Reg. be ok?

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Hey Spencer,

I'm 6'-0" and own an Alpinlite. You can pull off a regular, but I prefer the 6'-6" model. I tried both sizes out before I bought, and the reg left me feeling short of shoved into the hood and right there with the draft collar. I longer one also gives me the ability to hunker in a little more and to shove some clothes down in the footbox. This is a great bag!!

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...And for everyone's consideration that has ever measured their height and used that number to determine which bag length is for them- remember that when you measure your height, your foot and ankle are at a right angle. When you sleep on your back, your feet naturally relax into a position of plantarflexion (downward). This can add at least a few inches or more to the amount of length you need.