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I am 5'3 and a weight lifter.... I have...

I am 5'3 and a weight lifter.... I have broad shoulders and am a 38 DD bust. I weigh a 175 pounds and no one thinks I weigh that at all- but I am not small by any means- stocky 100%... does anyone know if the extra large will fit me?? I tried mens large- fit ok, but wayyyyy to long! looked totally dorky! lol...

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The answer is yes. I have the same challenges, though I weigh more, it is the bust size that determines the fit of the jacket, or not! So not interested in the "girls" being flattened. My daughter wears a large, but is 38 B, her jacket fits me but will not zip over the "girls" so I went to an XL for comfort. I will wear this under my ski jacket when it is freezing out, so I wanted it closer to the body but needed the hoody to zip.

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I'm 5'2.5" and weigh 160 with a 43" chest. The XL fits best for me because I also have 43" hips. The jacket is tapered enough at the waist so I don't look like a box and it is definitely not too long. The L looks trimmer on but I have trouble zipping it up because of my hips and I like room there for layers under and over my pants anyway.