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I am 190 5'11 what size should i get? is...

I am 190 5'11 what size should i get? is the jacket suppose to fit snug or a little loose? I wore a friends he has a larg it fits good just want to make sure its not going to shrink if i wash it over time

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I'm 6'1 and 220 lbs. I got XL and its perfect for me. It is a fairly relaxed or regular fit in my opinion. If you like it snug the I would try the L.
Recommended wash is 30 degrees celsius or low temp and hang to dry, has never shrunk/shrinked (?) when I've washed it

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I'm 6'1 and 185 and also got the XL, it fits very well, maybe a tad bit loose in the waist, but overall a nice fit. I tried the L but it was too tight in the shoulders, but I have very broad shoulders. If you have a big chest and/or shoulders, you will probably feel too restricted with the L. Get both and just return the one that doesn't work.