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How would these XXL bindings do on the...

How would these XXL bindings do on the Armada JJ's? I am 5'11, 205lb, aggressive skier. I am between these and the Salomon STH 14 driver binding. I trust the Salomon is a solid binding, but I am not too excited about them just coming in blue for the Armada's. Thanks!

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Thanks for the clarification! Glad I picked them up when I did on S&C

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Define aggressive? I'm a lot lighter than you and run a higher DIN because I like to get a bit aggro. If you're really pushing hard, I'd guess you'll need a burlier binding at your weight.

The STH is a better binding than the Axial due to the single pivot point on the toe and more elasticity. It's not as mobile as the Look/Rossi pivot, but it's the next best thing and has some advantages over the pivot system. I'd go for the Sally if I were you, or you can get the Atomic version of the same binding if color is an issue: