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How well will this pack work for single...

How well will this pack work for single winter overnight trips? I live in Utah, so we get a good winter.

Thanks for the help.

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I'm sure you could make it work; the thing I'd think about is the lack of ski-specific features (no shovel pocket, probe pocket, etc).

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Trevor, it would work well depending on what you are doing. Are you snowshoeing? This pack should work just fine for that as it is pretty simple to attach snowshoes to this pack. Are you skiing/snowboarding? This pack is not really made for that. The straps will carry either of those fine, but they are not reinforced to protect against the sharp metal edges so you'll probably start seeing wear on the webbing much sooner than you would if you had a ski/board-specific pack that reinforces the webbing in spots where the metal edges will contact the webbing. Specific pockets for shovel blade, probes, etc... are organizational comforts that are SUPER nice but not necessary...

As far as capacity, a 48L is generally ample space for a hut trip. However, everyone packs differently and brings different amounts of stuff. If you are a light packer, ample. If you are run of the mill, fine. If you pack as much as you would for a backpacking trip, go bigger.

Hope this helps!

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Mostly snowshoeing and general single overnight/day long trips with this pack. I am currently gear up and am more oriented to ultralight/lightweight gear set.

Also. I just noticed REI is offering a sale on the Osprey Talon 44 which is another pack I have been looking at. Any reason to go with that one vs the Kestrel? Thanks again for the help.