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How well does the top tighten down does...

How well does the top tighten down does it rattle or mave at all , Is it water tight or water proof in any way?

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The lid fits very tight on these pots. The handle press-fits the lid on and locks down the lid on the pot creating a tight seal. They are great for protecting food against rodents and for organizing your cooking gear. They don't have a waterproof seal and therefore I wouldn't recommend carrying anything liquid in the pot while packing. They are tight enough to keep powder in the pot without getting all over the place. I think the best way to describe these pots are very high quality, well made that you can rely on for many years. They don't rattle and aren't loose in anyway and can be used hard without fear of breakage.

If you are tough on your gear and want something to perform no matter what, these are the pots to get.