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How well does it ventilate? Is it a steam...

How well does it ventilate? Is it a steam cooker in the summer?

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It does have vents, but being a 4-season tent, is primarily designed to keep out the elements such as wind. "Steam cooker" is one way to put it, but sauna and sweltering hell might also work. Best if used to hunker down in harsher and colder environments, not for late spring and summer camping. Although, in its various incarnations, the system can be tailored to some degree to suit milder conditions. Hope this helped.

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I've had it out in the summers in interior AK- sun all night long- and it was definitely toasty. But when you set it up right, you can get a decent breeze going- even in the windless interior. If there is a breeze line the doors up with it and get the vents open on the top. The fly vents even have a little plastic prop that helps to push them up and gets that much more action. Not ideal for warmer temps, but gets the job done and keeps the bugs off!