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How warm is this jacket? I'm looking into...

How warm is this jacket? I'm looking into getting a jacket for my first winter in AK. Am I going to freeze to death in my car waiting for help if I get stuck? Or will I be toasty while I wait for help?

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Definitely not warm enough. AK gets cold, and this is a light sweater meant to be worn down to 5C, maybe 0C if you're a really warm blooded person. Go to an Eddie Bauer or LL Bean store and get their classic down jacket. You'll want something that's really puffy, because that's where the warmth comes from.

These are a couple warm ones, although I'd have no idea whether they'd fit your style or not.

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For up here in AK, this is an early winter/late winter jacket. Good for temps around 20s, when you don't want to wear the bulk of big down jackets. Not for deep winter cold, you'll want something like the Mountain Hardwear Sub Zero or what James mentioned.