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How similar is the heel on this to the...

How similar is the heel on this to the Solution's?

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I find these to me more of a cross between the Speedster and the Cobra, rather than the Solution. The Python does not have the P3 system through out the shoe like the Solution does. The P3 system helps keep the shoe "downturned" over time. Like the Cobra they have a full leather upper, so they will stretch around a half size. They also have the same 3.5 rubber sole like the Cobra, where as the Solution is a 4mm and the Speedster is a 3mm. The Python is also going to have the same upper toe rubber as the Speedster. The heel will be much more sensitive than the Solution heel, it will be the same heel as the Speedster, but the inner heel will be covered with rubber. Basically the Python is just a more aggressive downturned version of the Cobra.

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The heel is as different from the Solution as it can be while still fitting about the same. The solution heel has a pad for impact and is not a very sticky rubber. The heel of the Python is sticky rubber and suction cups to your foot. In my experience, the Python hooks better than the Solution.