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How should I size in these bad boys? I...

How should I size in these bad boys? I have only owned one pair of climbing shoes, Evolv Predator G2, and sized as a 10.5. I wear 9.5-10 (42.5-43) street size, so I assume Evolv purposely "pre-sized" their shoes, instead of you trying to guess how many sizes to go down. Anyways, I have exceptionally skinny/bony feet, so I'm thinking I should size down more than the average? Perhaps down to an 8 (40.5) or 8.5 (41)?

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I have always worn my Sportivas (with the exception of the TC Pro) in a 39.5 and I wear a street shoe (including Sportiva trail runners) in a 42. The 39.5s end up being a good performance fit and not crazy uncomfortable. In Evolvs I always just wore my street shoe size.