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How much down is in this jacket? How warm...

How much down is in this jacket? How warm would it be compared to say, the Hunker Down model?

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I found this model warmer then the Hunker

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Canuck. From an actual down quantity standpoint, these jackets are pretty similar. The Lacerta Coat utilizes 212 grams of 650-Fill down and the Hunker Down Jacket utilizes 192 grams of 650-fill down (Medium/Sample Size). The difference comes in the construction of the jacket. The Hunker Down Jacket is a pretty simple down jacket that uses a 50D nylon rip-stop and a nylon taslan in wear areas for durability. The Lacerta uses a heavier face fabric, is longer overall, and is a much more weighty down coat that is actually waterproof due to the DryQ Core membrane. So, really, we're comparing apples and oranges here. So, to answer your question more specifically, the Lacerta even though it has a similar amount of down in the jacket will probably feel warmer due to its build. I hope this info helps!