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How much different is this than the micro...

How much different is this than the micro traxion? I've actually heard the micro to be a bit safer if it breaks: From "> MINI TRAXION: bent side plates and axle. The device is no longer usable, the climber must use another ascender, or descender, to escape.
> MICRO TRAXION: bent moving side plate and axle. The device might be usable for the escape, but must be retired immediately afterward."-

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The Petzl Mini Traxion serves better as an emergency device in situations like crevasse rescue, though it is not as durable (though approx 20% more efficient) as the the Mini Traxion. They both have similar work load capabilities and the Micro Traxion is nearly half the weight. I prefer to use the Micro Traxion while TR soloing and as a hauling progress-capture on walls, though the Micro Traxion's weight has allowed me to bring while guiding on mountain expeditions to severely cracked up locations in Alaska.

I can NOT recommend using either of these devices if you are experiencing product failure.