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How many stakes points are there to the...

How many stakes points are there to the tent to tie it down? How many stakes are needed to fully guy it out? What kind of (and how many) stakes are included with the tent?

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The MSR Fury comes with 8 GroundHog II stakes. These are the best money can buy and are the best stakes included in any tent at any price. Features include rounded edges on top of the stake to make it easier to place the stake in the ground, a small piece of cordage to allow you to easily pull the stake out of the ground, super durable Easton E7 aluminum for incredible strength, and the shape + materials makes it near impossible to bend.

In order to completely guy out the Fury, you will need 12 stakes. This would include the 8 needed to set up the tent for a grand total of 20 stakes. This is for extreme conditions only. Most likely all you would need would be 6 additional stakes if you are heading into serious conditions. If you expect 100+mph winds, then I would consider taking all 20 stakes.

The Fury also comes with a small amount of reflective cordage and a few small aluminum cord tensioners. These small lengths of cordage are very useful in helping improve ventilation by pulling the bottom of the fly out (you will need 4 additional stakes to take advantage of this). However, you will need to purchase more cordage and stakes if guying out is a necessity.