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How many hours of useful cooking do you...

How many hours of useful cooking do you get from the fuel bottles? There are three sizes:
.4 / .6 / 1 liter bottles.

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Lots of variables involved with the answer to that, such as flame setting, fuel type, altitude, temperature...but from the specs, 450ml (0.45 liters) will give you about 2.5 hours of burn time on high. Again, variables not considered, boil time for 1 liter of water is approx. 3.5 minutes using white gas. Calculate that out over 2-3 times per day x the amount of water you plan on boiling per meal x the number of days you'll be out, give yourself a bit extra for priming, preheating and a bit of slack time, there's how much fuel you'll need. Base your choice of what size bottle you'll need on what you come up with. But I can tell you that the smallest bottle I can get away with is where I like to go personally, although I have several sizes to choose from in the gear closet that all come in handy from time to time.