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How long does it take after the percolation...

How long does it take after the percolation starts, before it's "coffee"?

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Making coffee with a percolator is a bit of a craft. It is totally dependent on the coffee, the amount you use, and how strong you like your coffee. Once it starts boiling, you just have to experiment to find the perfect combination.

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Yep, it's a trial and error sort of thing!

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Your stove will play a part. If you have the ability to simmer with your stove it helps to lower the temp to avoid burning, but hot enough to keep the perk flowing. I tend to over perk my coffee because I don't want tea and there is something to be said about a strong taste of coffee in the middle of nowhere that makes me feel good! I didn't time it, but I think we were drinking coffee in less than 10 minutes using a dragonfly.