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How is this shell as a snowboarding shell?...

How is this shell as a snowboarding shell? Is it long enough to cinch the waist down to avoid getting snow up it during wipeouts?

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ya dude for sure, just make sure you go a size up or 2 depending on layers and how you like your fit, if you like a baggy fit go 2 up, athletic 1 size up. It has waist draw cords so when your boarding tighten it up and no snow should get in. Other than that, i used this shell on a backpacking trip in the porcupine mountains and it snowed, iced, rained and nothing touched me, it also fits down to a nalgene size 32 oz bottle. so if the weather gets bad on the slopes just whip it out and you'll be fine, no snow should get it. Hope this helped!