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How is this pack for taller people - I am...

How is this pack for taller people - I am 6'3" - I see there are reviews for the Miura 20 that do not recommend that model. Perhaps the Silo 18 is different in that it sits higher on the shoulders - any one had experience of this?

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It does seem to sit a little higher on my shoulders, but I am only just over 6'1". There is a lot of adjustability in the straps too.

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I am 6'2" and own the Silo 18. I don't think that tall people were the basis for the pack's design but I can tell you that it fits me fine. I do have to adjust the straps a bit but it is simple. For me, it does sit a bit higher but that's fine. The pack is so small that you will not load it up too heavy anyhow.

The pack works great for me - it holds my camelbak 1 liter bladder just fine, ski goggles, food, extra layer and snowshoes. Its built well and takes a beating!