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How is this cord for top roping? It has...

How is this cord for top roping? It has quite a lot of static elongation, especially compared to ropes of similar diameter.

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This rope is too expensive and lightweight to be optimal for toproping. You'll want something thicker (10.2-10.5) with a high percentage of the weight in the sheath, for durability. A rope's amount of static elongation isn't really a huge concern for toproping, a little more or less stretch doesn't matter much. The blue water accelerator or beal edlinger would both be good choices.

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If all you're doing is toproping, you'd probably be better off with a rope with a little heavier sheath and a little less elongation. Because this rope elongates so much under a load, you'll get more wear when toproping in situations where the rope is rubbing on anything.