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How is the neck/collar area on this jacket?...

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How is the neck/collar area on this jacket? It seems REALLY high cut at the front of the neck. Is it useful or does that get into the way? Cheers!

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the collar area does sit high compared to other jackets. RAB is well known for the functionality of their hoods but you make look a little weird wearing it around town. For Alpine environments, I wouldn't have it any other way.

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Agreed - once the cold wind starts howling, the high collar, in conjunction with the adjustable hood, will create a nice gasket around your face. Rab has awesome hoods!

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The collar is insanely high. I bought (and then returned) this jacket last fall. I liked everything about the jacket except the collar, and did want a "higher" storm collar. The collar comes all the way up to eye level. Sounds great in theory until you realize you literally have to grab and pull the collar down to see anything on the ground or in front of you up to about 10 feet away. Plus when not zipped you have a ginormous flag out in front of you that can catch in the wind. I really wanted to love this jacket, but had they trimmed just a little bit down on the collar and had just a normal "higher storm collar" this jacket would have been phenomenal imo... unforunately came up just short.