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How is the landing, high and low balls,...

How is the landing, high and low balls, on this compared to the typical dual density pads? I'm esentially trying to figure out if I want to go for this newer pad or the older standard Mad Pads.

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I think one of the most important thing is the weight. R3 weighs about twice as much. That, for me, is a deal breaker. I haven't bouldered with one though, so i don't know about the landing. I would look at Flashed Climbing crash pads if you are looking for something a little different. Those are pretty sweet pads. Hope this helped a little.

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I agree with Bryan, I would definitely go for the mad pad or the metolius bailout. Or an organic pad if you want a little more quality for a few extra bucks)

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Fell from 32ft and didn't bottom out so it is highly recommended to everyone i know.

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its a little heavy true, but man, feels great to land on. Very happy with it.

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Thanks you!

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Hey Paul,

The landing is definitely softer than your typical closed/open cell combo pads. We've done drop tests with bowling balls to help visualize this effect with the new R3. Typically the bowling ball would bounce much higher off of our Mad Pad and other similar pads and bounce much less on the R3. Also our athletes who have been using the pads have not had problems with it bottoming out...just the weight!

Hope this helps.


Mad Rock