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How does this jacket compare to the MH...

How does this jacket compare to the MH compressor? What about to the Lado from last year, which is no longer made? Thanks!

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Hey Easy Rider,

Nice profile name. The Mountain Hardwear Zonal Insulated Jacket has Technostretch side panels that the Compressor and Lado don't have which helps with comfort and stretchability. The Zonal has the same amount and type of insulation and also has a baffle design that allows for better movement than both of the jackets. Its outer shell has 20 denier fabric like the Compressor and the Lado is slightly more durable at 30 denier.

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Good answer Wally but you were incorrect on one fact. Easy Rider, the insulation in the Zonal Jacket is the same as in the Compressor Jacket but the Zonal utilizes 60grams of Thermic Micro where the Compressor utilizes 120grams of Thermic Micro. So, the Compressor will be quite a bit warmer than the Zonal due to this increase in insulation. I hope this info helps!