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How does this compare to the R1 hoody as...

How does this compare to the R1 hoody as a technical base/midlayer?

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R1 will be a lot warmer than the Indie. Merely comparing the weight of the fabric, the Indie uses 195 g/m2 fabric, whereas R1 is 6.8 oz/yard^2 fabric according to Patagonia website, which is roughly 230 g/m2. But more than just the weight, the inside of R1 is gridded fleece, which creates air pockets and helps trap more heat. The Indie fabric on the other hand is flat.

I can't comment on how the breathability compares though, and how warm they will keep you while wet.

Another point of comparison is how high the zipper comes up to. R1's collar comes up to just below the nose (yep, I have the men's version), whereas Indie's zipper comes to the chin (this is from women's version).

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Great answer. Thanks catiecoo!

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I own both the R1 hoody and the Ibex Hooded Indie, and have used them both for identical activities from strenuous hiking, to Nordic skiing, to running, and they both have their strong points. Comparatively the Indie is a layer I would use when I know I need something that will dry very quickly and that I will be sweating in profusely. I say this because I've found the Ibex Indie to keep odors at bay longer than the R1, and to be a lighter weight than the R1. I think what it all comes down to, and is the reason why I own both, is it depends on what type of activity you are using it for, and the conditions you are going to put it though. I use the R1 when I know it's going to be windy, colder, and when I want something that can cover my face like a balaclava. I use the Ibex Indie when I'm going to go for a run on a cool day, or when I'm doing a strenuous hike and want something a little more breathable than the R1. They both have a trim fit, they both have thumb loops, both garments have a lifetime warranty, and they both have hoods (the R1 has more coverage than the Indie), but ultimately, for comparison, it all depends on the conditions and how breathable or how warm you need your layer to be.