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How does the Hunker Down compare to the...

How does the Hunker Down compare to the Chillwave? I read the Chillwave has 13oz of fill; anybody know how much the Hunker Down has?

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timp. The Hunker Down Jacket Parka contains about 224grams of 650-fill Gray European Goose Down. This equates to about 7.9oz of down and these numbers are for sample size medium. The Chillwave Parka contains about 364grams of 650-fill down which equates to about 12.8oz. The Chillwave Jacket and Parka also utilize a wind and weather resistant membrane called AirSheild Core which make them much more weather resistant than the Hunker Down Jacket and Parka. These differences in down fill and in fabrics accounts for the price difference between the jackets and parkas. Cheers!

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Thanks for the thorough answer Jon. This will be a commuter coat for Chicago winters. I am thinking the Hunker Down will be warm enough, plus I think the hood is a bit sleeker than the Chillwave.
Thanks again!