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How does everyone feel about this tent?...

How does everyone feel about this tent? It's between this tent and the Big Agnes Copper Spur UL2. I use my tent quite often and am looking to replace an older tent with something a little bit lighter for backpacking. It will be for 2 people and the occasional dog.

I spend a lot of time in my tent and I am ok with carrying extra weight for a GREAT tent. My priorities are Likability, ability to avoid condensation, durability, then space and weight. Although a lightweight tent is a pro I'm more concerned with likability, pockets, weather resistance, durability, etc.

I'm also open for other recommendations :)

Thanks for the advice. - Megan

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Hi Megan,, For your priorities of avoiding condensation and durability, I would lean towards the Copper Spur UL2. Any single wall tent will have condensation after a downpour or in high humidity & cooler temps.

As far as another recommendation, I think the perfect tent for you would be the MSR Hubba Hubba 2 person tent, combined with the Gear Shed vestibule. The gear shed provides tons of extra room for outings when your bring the dog Especially when it's raining and you don't want a wet dog crawling around your sleeping bags and gear. It's going to be a little pricier, but I'm sure you can find a great deal online.

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Agreed with Eli - this tent will condense much worse than the copper spur. Go for the Copper spur 3 (barely any weight penalty over the 2) before the Hubba Hubba with Gear shed (read: pain to pitch) though.

Also, None of the above mentioned tents are exceptionally durable - the Skylight features THIN nanoshield that isn't waterproof. The Hubba Hubba and Copper Spur both feature the same pole system that doesn't do too well in wind, and ultralight fabric for the rainflies.

And now for my suggestion - I noticed you didn't mention "price", "availability on" or "freestanding" in your criteria. Have you considered a Hilleberg Nallo 3?

Likeability - These remain totally dry while being pitched in the rain, Pitch super fast, come in 2 colors, have multiple pockets plus attachment points for a clothesline or gear loft, and will garner you total respect from all who frequent the mountains. What's not to like?
No Condensation - Double walls and tunnel venting prevent condensation.
Durability - Proprietary fabric and tunnel design yield a tent that can withstand legitimate 4 season storms. Gusts to 60mph+, no kidding.
Space - 64"x88" + Vestibule
Weight - 4lb 10oz min/5lb 5oz trail. Compare to 4lb 2oz min 5lb trail for this tent.

The downsides? It isn't free standing (but pitches quickly), and its $625.

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I would disagree. People assume that because the Nanoshield fabric is single wall, you'll have issues with condensation. I've used a Hilight (smaller, similar tent from BD with the same fabric) for backpacking in 30F as well as 70F, and never had to deal with condensation on the inside. Nanoshield is easily twice as breathable as eVent or a comparable waterproof fabric, and is fantastic. This will also deal with wind better than the copper spur, whose ultralight materials will get torn apart in high winds.

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The MSR Hubba Hubba is a very small tent for two people and a dog. The Skylight is 36.6 square feet, almost ten square feet bigger than the MSR HUbba Hubba. It is also lighter than the Hubba Hubba with a gear shed vestibule. Comparing apples with apples (as much as is possible) would give Megan more assistance making an informed decision.

Megan are you wanting your dog inside your tent with you or outside in the vestibule? The MSR Hubba Hubba would be an extremely cosy fit with a dog inside so between the two the Skylight would be the better choice if you want the dog inside. Keep in mind though that you will need to seam seal the Skylight for it to be fully water proof which takes an hour or two's work.