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How doe BD measure the length of these? ...

How doe BD measure the length of these? Is it from the top of the axe to the point at the bottom, or is it the length of the handle. Trying to figure out what size mine is, and I don't have any of the paperwork for it.

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Tip of spike to top of axe head.

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Spoke to Black Diamond about how they measure the length. They told me it was from the very top of the axe head to the very tip of the bottom. They said it should be 2 cm shorter than the advertised length. So my 55 cm axe should actually measure 53 cm. They said they do this to incorporate an effectual swing weight, so that when you are swinging it and using it, it will feel like you have 55cm there. Similar to running length on skis, where even though it says 185cm its closer to 170cm.