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How do you get CalmelBak big bite valve...

How do you get CalmelBak big bite valve mouthpiece "on"?? On the tube? or 90-degree bend in CamelBak's Ergo HydroLock? I've tried to push the mouthpiece on the tube and the 90-degree bend, dry and wet. But it will not work. I've tried twisting the bite on the tube....but it seems it will not work. How do you put on the mouthpiece on?

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I had to work with mine for a while and after a lot of frustration and a couple of big, deep breaths I just wiggled and twisted it enough to get it on there. They're great once they are on but they can be a pain in the hiney to get into position. Keep in mind that it won't work directly on the tube.

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you might try putiing it in hot water until it softens up. that has helped with tubes in the past.

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As Phil posted in another question, soap works great as a lubricant and washes off easily.