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How do you charge this? Could I charge it...

How do you charge this? Could I charge it with one of those crank flashlights with a USB port on it or is it impossible to charge it on the trail?

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There is a USB powered alligator clip that you attach and it charges up. I think you can basically charge it from anything that puts out USB power. I have used my Goal Zero battery packs and panels to charge it (albeit more slowly than from my laptop or wall socket).

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Your best bet for charging it during extended periods on the trail would be a small solar panel with a USB port from someone like Brunton. But honestly, as cool and feature laden as this device is, a mere 50 hours of battery life and having to carry other gear to keep it running is something I would find completely unacceptable from a functional standpoint. Just my pragmatic way of adding my two cents, for whatever it's worth beyond that.