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How do these seal around the boot? Do they...

How do these seal around the boot? Do they have sometype of rubber stretch to keep water out?

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The cut (shape) of the bottom of the gaiter will fit snugly with the boot. Once the strap is tightened this will create a tighter boot/gaiter interface. While presumably the boot, and definitely the gaiter are waterproof, the section where the two meet aren't waterproof, just a barrier. So, unless you're stomping around in shin to knee deep water for a long period, you should be OK. I just ordered these gaiters, so will report back on the exact make-up of the material where the gaiter meets the boot.

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Chris, I wore the gaiters for the first time last night, sledding with my son. There is no rubber stretch material that forms a seal with the boot. However the gaiter is fashioned such that it has a 'cut' that fits nicely with the boot. Also, the tighter the under-arch strap, the more snug it will fit with the boot, but don't overtighten, just a snug fit should work fine. After I use them in the backcountry a few times, I'll post a review. Hope this helps.