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How do these fit versus the Cobra? Or the...

How do these fit versus the Cobra? Or the Miura VS? I have particular sizing about the two, which obviously might not be the same for everyone, but I know what size fits me in the following:

Miura VS

Thanks so much in advance.

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I just went from cobras to pythons and I tell you what. they feel like the exact same shoe almost. besides the heel on the python is more aggressive. If you could i would do the same size as your cobras then i would say it should be a perfect fit. i've never had any of the other shoes but the python is basically an upgraded version of the cobra.

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I would disagree with @all4850378. I have worn (and loved) Cobras for many years. My only complaint is that their heel is a little loose. Pythons are pretty similar, but with a more secure heel. However, I initially bought the same size in the Pythons and returned them for a smaller pair.

My suggestion is to buy 1/2 size smaller than your Cobras.