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How do some pulleys handle prusiks better...

How do some pulleys handle prusiks better than others? I've just started reading the books and watching the videos on zsystems etc but haven't put any of it to practice... so I may be missing something obvious.

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Pulley doen'ts make the Prusik. It is just part of the Z system. How easy the pulley is to get into the z system is important.

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Sorry, I should've been more specific- When this says "Prusik Minding" I assume this particular pulley somehow works better with Prusiks than other pulleys. Is that the case? I can't figure out why one pulley would work better than other, at least with regards to prusiks. Does that help clarify my question? (thanks for the response!)

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Basically, the flat bottom edge of pmp's work better at "tending" the prusik (keeping it from getting sucked into the pulley itself and jamming) than a regular, more rounded bottom pulley. Otherwise, pmp's work exactly the same as other pulleys, with the same ease of use, efficiency, etc. An ATC can also be used in conjunction with a regular pulley for a self-minding prusik/pulley setup. Hope this helps.

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Some PMP's are better than others, some have a tendency to "eat" the prusik depending the size of rope and size of prusik cordage...when the prusik gets pitched it can totally mess up the system.