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How do I break these in so they don't rub...

How do I break these in so they don't rub the back of my ankle?

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Breaking in boots can be tricky.

It sounds silly, but I have heard of people wearing their boots in a warm bathtub to soak them through and make them supple. They then wear them around the house until they dry, and usually the boots dry in a shape that fits their feet better. I have one friend who swears by this method.

A second option is to wear 2 pairs of socks, a liner sock underneath a thicker one. This will eliminate friction on your foot so you won't blister, keeps both socks a little cleaner on the trail, and is instant to take effect.

Another thing you could try is wearing the boots nice and loose. I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but a lot of times in trying to get a new boot to fit tightly, people over-tighten, which increases friction on their feet and causes rubbing.

Finally, there is a chance that these just aren't compatible with your foot shape. If you keep having problems with them, return them to Backcountry and try something else.

hope that helps