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Hi;I have the last year model, I'd like...

Hi;I have the last year model, I'd like to know if the bindings system is the same on this table or i should buy new bindings.Thanks a lot!Maxi.

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i dont quite get ur question but...this years custom x has been uprgaded with the new ICS system, so it only works with burton bindings, and special burton EST bindings are reccomended (it comes with "retro plates" that let it work with regular 3d burton bindings)if you have last years custom x then you can use any bindings you please because it has burtons traditional 3d set up which is compatible with most bindings, it sounds to me like you are upgrading to this years custom x? if thats the case then you can keep your old bidings if they are burton, but if they arent then you have to get new burton bindingshope that helps