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Hi there,

I'm 6'2 and about 160 - 165...

Hi there,

I'm 6'2 and about 160 - 165 lbs. I have about 10 days of experience in total. The boot I was using last time was 46 (11.5 US).
Which size do think would fit me better? I was thinking of the 160, 158W or 161W. Thanks!

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Where you ride will have to do with the sizing as well. I wouldn't go larger than the 158 if I were you. Your weight is more important than your height when sizing. I'm about the same weight as you, same foot size, and only 2 inches shorter and I ride a 156W for my all-mountain board. I am an experienced rider though. I would go with the 158W if I were you. I think that is a great size for you to progress on. Eventually, if you get into more freestyle riding, I would go down to a 156 for an all-mountain board. I ride Snowbird and would only ever ride a 158-160W on super deep days.