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Hi i am a football/soccer goalkeeper and...

Hi i am a football/soccer goalkeeper and ive had an injury called hip bursitis for a few years (injury from landing contact) do you think these are the best shorts to prevent my injury from reoccurring? i play in astroturf. Thanks

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Hi Karl,

Injuries to the bursa don't really go away, so any time you impact them is going to cause the condition to flare back up, even with just have to avoid landing on the hip... That said ( as I'm sure your doctor has already told you over and over ) these would help, but are they the "best" for your line of work? I doubt it. Have a look at some of your other options: Nike Pro Combat Football Shorts, Seirus Body Armor, and Adidas padded GFX shorts. Run them by your team trainer/sports med guy to see what he has to say about it.

Good luck. Hope this helps.

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Thanks for your help Phil, these pro-tec shorts caught my eye because the padding runs along the bum aswell and i have tried shorts from under armour,presicion training and mc david which although the padding is fairly good, it only covers a small area of the hip so if i land on my bum slightly more then the padding is not cushioning my landing. Is the padding on the pro-tec not so good (i.e. thats why they are not the best in your opinion)? and why do you rate the Seirus shorts higher than these?(there are no video reviews so im not quite sure if the material is good or not) really appreciate the help mate! thanks

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No worries, Karl. I thought the Seirus would be better because they're more form-fitting and had enough thicker foam in the right places to give you a larger padded area- bum, tailbone, hips. They also honestly reminded me of those big foam Sumo suits...and I can't see how that's a bad thing when it comes to getting slammed and beaten around. It also helps that the pads are removable, and the shorts can be worn as an undergarment, which would probably make them last longer on the Astroturf. The one thing I noticed about all the shorts I've seen is that there's barely, if any, padding on the iliac crest, so a tighter fitting pair of shorts might be something that would give you at least some ability to add, and keep relatively in place, more padding there and wherever you might need it for protection and comfort. This almost strikes me as one of those opportunities for you to come up with something custom for yourself and other goalies that have similar problems. All the Soccer/Football specific shorts I looked at seemed ridiculously under padded for the beating you guys are expected to go through.