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Hi all,
I just returned my Nepal EVO. I...

Hi all,
I just returned my Nepal EVO. I tried two sizes of them, they are either too short or too wide and I had heel lift when using front point on steep ice. I have a hard time looking for a real narrow boots.
Compare to Nepal, is Mamook narrower at heel or forefoot or both? I saw people said Thermo is narrower, but consider they have more insulation, fit might be different, I guess?
Btw, how do they compare to Trango extrem. I was going to try this one until I found the Mamook.
Thank you for your answer.

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The nepals with the adjustable tongue and lace locks are hard to beat - I probably would have tried a different foot bed to get a better fit as they are the standard. Also try experimenting with few different sock combo's - care not to go too tight, like a climbing shoe, as you need a little but of dead air space to stay warm.

I have only tried these on experiencing the same as to what you describe - they felt a little more narrow than the nepals.