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My name is Caio, I'm from Brazil and...


My name is Caio, I'm from Brazil and I'm really interested in your Stabilyx Tight products!

Well, as I far away from a retailer, I can't try the product to know my exact size, so, I really need your help.

I'm a 1.77m high and 79/80kg guy. In a normal jeans my normal measures are W31" - L31/32"!

Would the small size fit me?



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Caio, most of the CW-X products fit about the same. Go for the Smalls for heavy compression or the Mediums for a normal fit.

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What do you think it's better? A tight compression or a normal fit?

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Hey if you look down one or two questions you will see I asked the same thing. So I found a store that carries them today and found that at 5'10" 170 , the small were a good "solid " fit I have a pair of medeums and they feel a little loose for a compression pant. If you can though try and find somewhere to try them on. With my height and weight I should have gone with a med but I guess running has resuted in a more compact of my body. hope this helps