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Hi, I'm looking at the Venta AR and the...

Hi, I'm looking at the Venta AR and the Gamma MX jackets. Wanted to know which would be warmer between the two?

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Having owned both a Gamma MX and another Arc'teryx jacket made from the same material as the Venta AR, the Venta will be warmer. Gore Windstopper softshell has a thicker layer of inner pile than the Fortius used on the Gamma. It's also designed to be 100% windproof, where the Gamma is supposed to let in about 2% of the air for breathability.

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The windproofness of the Venta will be warmer than the Gamma hands down. That being said, for high output activities, the Gamma is better. An example would be skiing... I feel the Venta would be too much for the swear, as windstopper is not truly that breathable. The gamma would be colder on the lift, but would regulate the sweat more on the downhill. Proper layering is key, but the Venta can stand up to more on it's own in my opinion.

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i own both of them , 32F no wind i wear both of them and feel warm. on the move gamma mx prob would be better choice but if you hit the wind i deffinately would go with venta