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Hi. I'm 5'9 chest 38" can I take small? I...

Hi. I'm 5'9 chest 38" can I take small? I preffer slimfit & usually wear my bombers on t-shirt

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Hey man, I am 5'7.5", and I wear a 38 jacket, so I may be able to help you out here. If you were asking about one of the slimmer fitting Canada Goose jackets, (like the banff, the chateau, or even the lodge), I would say you need a medium for sure. I know because I have tried on all of these jackets and the small was way too small. The medium, however, was just right. With the Chilliwack, the body fits a bit looser than those other ones, HOWEVER, you still probably won't want a small, because the arms will be too short. When I tried on a chilliwack in small, it was snug, but not overly tight in the body, but waaaay short in the sleeves. In a medium it fit well in the body, looser than their other coats, but definitely not baggy, and perfect in the arms. Anyway, you should definitely get the medium. You will be happy with the fit. And if you end up thinking it is too loose, take comfort in the fact that the sleeves on the small would look silly on you. (I know all this stuff because last year I lived right near The Tannery in Cambridge MA, they sell all of these Canada Goose jackets, and I tried all of them on multiple times.)