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Hi, I need a link to the install instructions...

Hi, I need a link to the install instructions that should come with these bindings. There were none in the box. I have a wise old skier I sent these to that doesn't have a ski shop locally (northern BC) and he needs the drill bit size to use for this binding. Other details would be useful too.

I don't need any disclaimers about liability and broken legs. He knows that stuff.


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He'll need either a 3.6 drill bit for non metal laminate skis or a 4.1 for metal laminate skis, both sizes available at, also printable mounting templates are available here:
also it's a good idea to put a drop of waterproof glue in the mounting holes prior to attaching screws, also available @ (Roo Glue) The drill bits are great they are shouldered and won't allow drilling too deep/through the ski. I've mounted bindings on several skis @ home with no problems, just check/recheck the centering and heel piece/toe piece spacing b4 drilling!