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Hi. I have the BA Emerald Mountain SL3...

Hi. I have the BA Emerald Mountain SL3 from a few years back and need a footprint for it. From the looks of it, the Copper Spur UL3 has the same dimensions, so is assuming this footprint would work with my tent a bad idea?
The tent I own ->

The Copper Spur ->

Thanks in advance! -Charlie

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If you are going to use it as just a footprint under the tent, then it should be fine because people use tyvek from hardware stores for that because it is light and cheap. But, if you are looking for a fast fly setup, where it is just the poles, fly, and footprint, I wouldn't say it is compatible. They may have the same dimensions, but the pole and fly structures are probably different, leading to a bad fit. If you want to do a fast fly set up, I would find an original footprint meant specifically for this tent model. That way you don't try and McGiver it up, and end up spending the night in a poorly set up shelter. Bottom line, if just for a footprint, sure. A little pricey, because tyvek or garbage bags could do the same thing for much cheaper. If for a fast-fly set up, no.

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Thanks for the info but I ended up buying it anyway and lucky me, it fit just like the original. So I can actually use it for a fast fly set up. Glad you responded because I forgot I even posted this. Now if anyone else has the same issue, problem solved. Only reason I or anyone else with the sl3 would purchase is because the sl3 equipment is all discontinued...
Thanks again.