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Hi- I had bought the men's small BD guide...

Hi- I had bought the men's small BD guide glove for myself (I am woman) a month ago and have been using them every day skiing in whistler.-they have been great. Someone stole them yesterday when I put them down(while skiing up on the mountain- can you imagine!so I had to ski down from the top at 11AM without gloves) I have 4 months left of skiing. So my question is-- the women's ones that are on sale for $100- they don't seem to have good reviews- are these the exact same glove?-- Can you physically get the men's small and see what it is equivalant to in the woman's - maybe the large?-- or are they made differently because they are different years or some other reason-- I particularly liked the wool inside and want to make sure it is also inside the woman's one with just as much filling.thanks

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My wife uses the women's medium and the men's large. The men's large is, well, larger although it fits well. In particular, it provides enough room for a glove liner and still fits comfortably.