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Hi. I am writing from Japan. I understand...

Hi. I am writing from Japan. I understand you have some ristriction to ship Western Mountaineering products to Japan in your policy. Actually I plan to visit San Francisco, CA during March 23 and 27. Is it possible to ship your marchandise to the Hotel (I wll stay at Hotel NIKKO San Franisco), if I settle my payment? I also want to know the size which fits me best. I am 5ft and 8 in. tall. I appreciate it if you respond my question ASAP. Thank you all.

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For your height, you'll want the Regular size.

If BC is unable to ship the bag to your hotel, I live about 60 miles north of SF. I'm not certain if your itinerary allows for the time to pick it up it or not, but I would be happy to allow you to have your sleeping bag delivered to my brother's house in Sausalito, just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge from SF. If this becomes necessary, please don't hesitate to contact me with your email address via a reply to my answer on this page.